What are the benefits of Wing Chun?

The benefits of Wing Chun depend on your reasons for wanting to train. Training in Wing Chun will enable you to defend yourself effectively in the unfortunate circumstances where you need to. There are however a number of other mental and physical benefits arising from training such as confidence, self discipline, control, relaxation, improved circulation, posture, flexibility and strength. Above all, training can be fun!

Do you do any fitness training?

I do not include any specific fitness training (such as circuit training) during class time. I feel that fitness is something that should be improved outside class time so that more time can be spent on improving skill levels. However during certain training sessions such as sparring, drilling or training in the forms, you will find yourself out of breath. As mentioned above training Wing Chun in general will improve your strength and flexibility.

Will I get hurt?

Bearing in mind Wing Chun is a martial art then contact is necessary for you to be able to learn. However students are encouraged to train in a safe, controlled and fun learning environment.

What can I expect from my first lesson?

During your first lesson you will be given a brief overview of the Ving Tsun system and principles.  You will learn the basic training stance and techniques as well as the first section of the Sil Lim Ta form.

What do I need to wear? Is there a formal uniform?

There is no specific uniform to wear. All that is required to start training is something loose and comfortable such as a pair of tracksuit bottoms, T, shirt and trainers. Any jewellery should be removed.

Do you have a ranking system?

There are no belts or graduations in Ving Tsun.  Individual improvement can be determined on how skills are developed through continuous training and refinement.  A good instructor will check his pupils constantly and in every lesson and correct them. Therefore, a snapshot of every three-six months for a  grade or belt says nothing about the ability of a student. Rather, it should be checked more frequently.  Also by removing visible evidence of any hierarchy through the use of belts we discourage any elitism or ego’s which have no place in Ving Tsun.

How much does the lesson cost?

Beginners class fees are £5 per lesson

Intermediate classes are charge on a monthly basis of £30 per month.

Do I need to become a Member?

Newcomers undergo 4 introductory lessons. After that, anyone wishing to continue taking lessons will be required to commit to an annual membership fee

Are private or group lessons available?

Yes private lessons are available for smaller groups or on a 1-2-1 basis. Private lessons are invaluable if you want to improve any area of Wing Chun or self defence at a faster rate.