Wing Chun Bristol

At Ving Tsun Kung Fu Bristol we train direct, simple and efficient Chinese Boxing. The club which opened in 2010 is located in Thornbury situated in North Bristol.  This is a small exclusive club and numbers are limited to ensure the quality of tuition. Training is undertaken in a professional, informal and ego-free environment. Open classes are available to both men and women . Private individual or small group lessons can also be arranged by appointment.

Class Time / Location

All classes are held on Monday evenings at Turnberrie’s Community Centre, Bath Road, Thornbury, BS35 2BB.  Classes are closed on Bank Holiday Mondays

Beginners Class – 6.00pm to 7.00pm

Intermediate/Advanced Class –  7.00pm to 9.00pm

Tuition Fees

Beginners Classes are £5 per lesson .

Intermediate /Advanced Classes are paid on a monthly basis of £30.


All aspects of the Wing Chun system are trained including forms, chi sao, drills and sparring to the appropriate level.


At the VTKFB we are fortunate to train Wong Shun Leung / Phillip Bayer Ving Tsun.


Neil at or 07790734581